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Kiki Strickland has worked with women for years as a dating coach/matchmaker (since 2005).  Now she is the founder and President of Friendship Mixers for women that want to develop and improve their female friendships.  She also owns Girlfriends Travel. 

Kiki lives in the DMV (DC/MD/VA area) and runs the Divorce Care ministry at her church.  

She is now taking on new clients for matchmaking (men) and dating coaching.  

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Kiki Strickland

Dating Safely: Avoiding Stalkers, Scammers and Serial Killers

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Kiki's ebooks are available

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A Diva's Guide to Dating

A Diva's Guide to Flirting

A Diva's Guide to First Dates

A Diva's Guide to Finding Love at Any Age

Coming Soon:  Dating Safely: Avoiding Stalkers, Scammers and Serial Killers


Check out a variety of dating and relationship topics by Kiki on Blogtalk Radio, from WHY SINGLE WOMEN SHOULD STAY FRIENDS WITH THEIR DATES to MEN AND MONEY and MAMA'S BOYS!


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"We picked their brains for answers to some of dating's biggest FAQs — like "Why can't I meet anyone decent?" — and were surprised by what we uncovered. Click through for the scoop on first-dates dos and don'ts, where to meet singles in Washington, and the best way to chat up that cutie across the bar. Okay, Cupid — let's go!"



Kiki is taking on new clients during the Fall of 2022.   If you are looking to improve your love life and find the RIGHT fit for you, work with Kiki.  

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Kiki on YouTube

Check out some videos on dating for women over 35 on Kiki's YouTube Channel, "Kiki Strickland, The Matchmaker"